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Travel Nurse Pay Packages and Benefits

Learn what benefits and money will Travel nursing bring to you.

What is the average pay scale for travel nurses?

The most obvious reason that allures any individual to choose Travel nursing is the pay scale this profession offers. It is a fact that the salaries of Travel nurses are comparatively higher than any staff nurse. Although calculating the actual average salary of a travel nurse could be a tricky business. Every country offers different pay with different reimbursements. Differences in salaries majorly depend upon the factors like specialty, region and various benefits you choose. All these factors make a great difference in the amount that would go in your pocket.

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In which regions can travel nurses earn more?

Region and specific requirements are exceptionally influential factors affecting monetary aspects of this profession. If you choose to work in a less popular region with high specific demand, you will eventually earn more. Money is indeed important, but one must also consider other important components like the cost of lifestyle maintenance as per region. You can depend on your recruiter to make a well-informed decision.

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Added Benefits

  • An elite benefit every travel nurse gets is a free residential arrangement. There are a lot of travel nursing agencies that pay for nurse‚Äôs housing arrangements.
  • Travel nurses are liable to receive numerous health and wellness perks. Insurances like medical, dental and vision are covered completely.
  • A lot of employers offer monetary bonuses at the end of an assignment as a token of appreciation for their good work.
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